About Nixtamal

Welcome to the Nixtamal Community! Your purchase of a Pastry Box not only tastes good, but it does good too. Every dollar raised goes to help Children First build its first social enterprise to employ people from disadvantaged neighborhoods and provide them with valuable skills in business and culinary arts.

The nixtamalization process is commonly utilized in the production of tortillas and other related maize-based food products. The maize kernels are cooked with alkali (i.e. lime) and steeped in the cooking water. Nixtamal is the product obtained after this process, and it is subsequently ground to produce masa, or soft dough. In the same way Nixtamalization transforms maize kernels into nutrient rich Nixtamal, our social enterprise is working to transform the lives of East Bakersfield residents by providing meaningful employment, and unlocking the unique talents and gifts within each individual.

Nixtamal is a project of Children First, a nonprofit based in East Bakersfield dedicated to improving the lives of children and families. For ten years, Children First has worked to provide enrichment and extended day opportunities for children on the Eastside, as well as working to improve the condition of neighborhoods in which children live.

As a social enterprise, Nixtamal has a double bottom line. We're raising funds critically necessary to doing our work to improve East Bakersfield for children and families; and using our bakery as a training ground for neighborhood residents to learn valuable skills in culinary arts and business.